Our project B.A.R. 40

Project description:


The final exam's goal of "B.A.R. 40" is to build an full automated bar with an industrial robotic arm as the barkeeper.


It should be possible that the customer can order variuos drinks (coffee, beer and cocktails) with an touchpanel (HMI).


The robot shouldn't only take over the drink preparation, but also the cleaning of the used glasses. For this, we have to develop an intelligent storage and in-/output system. For the cleaning of the used glasses we should use a commercially glass cleaning device.


Also, for the coffee and beer preparation we should use standard devices (coffee machine and beer dispenser), which must be integrated into the production processes.


The cocktail preparation should be provided with a bottle dispenser, an ice maker and an ice crusher.


For a better presentation of the production processes, we have to develop an illumination concept for the customer.


The individual components are controlled by programmable controllers from Phoenix Contact.